Thoughts from Production Sound

9 Dec

“You’re the sound recordist. Make it work.” – Peter Jackson’s King Kong

And that is my job!  To make it work! I’ve been sound on student films for the past couple years, and sometimes it ends up being just that.  Despite the wind noise, the faulty XLR, the broken boom pole, or the lack of a boom op, I have to capture the sound for the film, and capture the “voice” of the film.  I have to “make it work.”  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been running sound on other projects, working and getting some experience with my awesome boom op, Angela, and getting geared up for Japan, testing out a number of ways to capture the sound, taking the diverse locations we’ll be shooting in.  Wireless lavs, boom poles, XLR, M-box, Roland Field recorder, sennheisers, and Mackieboards. I’m heading to Japan, fully prepared to professionally capture the audio on Dean Yamada’s next endeavor to bring yet another awesome story to an eagerly awaiting audience, reaching lives and touching hearts for the glory of God, with Biola’s next Japan Film, “Persimmon.”

Brian Ulrich
Production Sound


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