Thoughts from Script Supervisor

14 Dec

Konnichiwa! Hello from Annie, Persimmon‘s Script Supervisor.

When I applied for this film, I had never held the position of Script Supervisor (“scripty”) before. But having worked on the set of a feature film, I knew what a scripty did, and I knew it was something I would be passionate about.

What particularly interested me about Japan Film was the ability to go across cultures, make a film about another culture, and bring it back here. Having lived in England for a year and spent extensive time traveling through Europe and Turkey, I am passionate about multicultural perspective, and especially about the international church. I wanted a chance to experience another culture and work with Christians in that culture to produce  a work of art, especially a film, which by its nature is collaborative.

To prepare to act as scripty on set, I have been focusing on my knowledge of the script itself and my knowledge of Japanese. When the next version of the script comes out, I’m going to sit down with Junko-sensi, our Japanese teacher, and write out every bit of Japanese dialogue in the script in romanji, the roman alphabet letters. This way, I can memorize the entire script in Japanese, so I can hear the lines and know what is going on. Plus, I can give all of this information to the editor at the end to help them know the dialogue in each take. I want to have all of this memorized, so that I can be as aware as possible, given the language barrier.

I am getting more excited every day to go to Japan and see its people. Tokyo and good sushi, here I come.

Signing out,



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