Thoughts from the Camera Operator

29 Dec

One week. That’s how long it will be until we’re traveling to Tokyo, Japan to begin production on “Persimmon.” It’s pretty crazy how fast it’s all coming together.

My name is Joey Kennedy and I am the Camera Operator for the crew of “Persimmon.” Basically, that means it is my job to make sure the image the camera is seeing (called the “frame”) is always just the way the Director of Photography wants it, while at the same time keeping my eye out for any potential problems with things being inside the frame that shouldn’t be (microphones, crew members, etcetera). I love doing this job because it allows me to be involved in the process of creativity while still being involved with the technical aspects of the camera team.

Over these past months, it has been exciting to see “Persimmon” come together both as a story and a production. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to work with Zack (the DP) and hearing his ideas for the visuals of the story. I’m excited to take part in helping a talented and capable director and DP makeĀ  Tomotsu’s world a reality.

And hopefully, along the way we’ll eat some crazy awesome Japanese food too.



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