Thoughts from the Director of Photography

29 Dec

As the clock ticks down and we rapidly approach our departure, I get more and more excited about the adventure ahead of us. I have spent the last 7 days eating as much as I can with chopsticks, and using Japanese greetings with people who have no idea what I am talking about. I spend my time thinking about the characters of Persimmon and how they view their world. What do they see around them? How do they see themselves? I am mildly obsessed with perceptions and perspectives and how they influence each other.

How do I as a artist translate this story into images? I am trying to figure out how to effectively appeal to, and respect the Japanese style of cinema while also bringing my style and perspective into the visuals of this film. There as been a lot of eye opening moments for me in the process of visualizing this film. I constantly unfold new layers and pockets of emotion and depth within the story when I discover new information about Japanese culture and life. The story continues to grow and deepen as I experience my life more and as I gain new understandings into the characters lives. My task has been to decipher the best way to capture these characters and the story and present them to the audience in a true, meaningful, and beautiful way.

One of these ways is with the simple contrast between lamp light and window light. How do these characters choose to light their surroundings? One attempts to light his own way, while another receives his light from an outside source. This element will enhance the characters and add the emotions of the scene.

These photos are from other various films that I have referenced and drawn inspiration from.

After many readings of the screenplay, countless hours of conversations, buckets of diet coke, and many many moments of divine inspiration, I believe we have formed a good understanding and basis of the visuals for Persimmon. I am extremely excited to work with this crew. Every single person on this film is extremely talented and more importantly they have wonderful hearts. I  have full faith in my teammates as we set off to make something truly beautiful. I am thrilled to be apart of the process of capturing this story and bringing it to life.

-Zack Gladwin


One Response to “Thoughts from the Director of Photography”

  1. pixeydust January 2, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    And we are also equally excited to see where this film takes us and the emotions that are felt. I like how Zack is researching this material to delve deeper in understanding of the subject, lighting and feeling. Congratulations guys and good luck!

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