Thoughts from the Gaffer

1 Jan

Ah, what a way to welcome in the new year.  Happy 2011 everyone!  (At least, probably by the time you read this.)

With 4 days left now until we leave for Tokyo, I’m feeling more prepared, more anxious, and above all more excited for Persimmon than ever before.  Simultaneously I feel the pressure to not let down the awesome crew I’m a part of, and the peace that only God and a prepared mind can offer for our departure.  It’s time now to let go, focus, and have some fun while we make this movie.

I am ready.  Ready to take part in the shaping of something great.

I’m the gaffer on Persimmon, meaning I am essentially the person in charge of any electrical issues during filming.  Lights, generators, all that jazz.  I work very closely with Zack (Director of Photography) to get a good feel for the moods that we need to convey while lighting each scene.  We talk, brainstorm a bit, and then ultimately my job is to execute his vision for lighting.  I’ll mostly be moving lights around, making sure we don’t blow breakers, and inevitably doing a lot of improvising.

Jordan (Key Grip) and I will be partners in crime, overlapping duties quite a bit and making sure each other has what the other needs.  The position of gaffer is a role I have never held before on any film set.  At first that was a little intimidating, but I feel completely confident in Zack’s visual take for the film and completely equipped to do my job well.  It’s time to flex some of these muscles and put the last few months into action.

In case you were curious, here are some of the specific lighting kits that we’ll be toting over on the plane.  It’s going to be fun packing all of this in a TSA approved fashion.  🙂

I can’t wait to work with this great group of friends, and I can’t wait to see what kind of a film we come out with.  We have been blessed with the talent and the resources.  It’s time to see what God will do with them.

– Jordan Crabtree


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