Thoughts from the Boom Operator

2 Jan

If I remember correctly, Dr. Fisher told his audio students that most boom operators are big hairy men. Certainly, I am not. I don’t fit that stereotype. But I do hope that I can capture that same quality sound that all good boom operators are able to. If you have no idea what boom operators are, they are the lucky, fortunate people who get to follow the actors around and eavesdrop on everything they say without seeming like a creep. The only thing is, we have to carry this ridiculously long pole with a microphone attached to its end. It’s not that heavy, but still you know… (: Basically a boom operator’s job is to assist the production sound mixer and capture all the sounds in a given scene.

Below are illustrations of positions I would have to be in to capture good sound and avoid being caught in the shot:

The Moses Position: Parting the Red Sea


The Smeagol/Gollum Position

The Typical Color Guard Position


3 days and I’m off to Japan, with the best film team I’ve ever known. Sometimes I wonder why I get to work on the same film with these artsy geniuses. But we all have our place in the team and I know that God wants to take us out on a spectacular Yamadian Japanese adventure. Jaa, mata! (See you later!)

Angela Kwan


One Response to “Thoughts from the Boom Operator”

  1. Meryl van der Merwe January 2, 2011 at 1:16 am #

    I love your sketches!! So funny. I also wondered what a boom operator did, and must admit, I did assume guys did the job. That was a great explanation. I am teaching a media class and will use all your blog entries to introduce the different people who work on a movie.

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