Day 1, Recap

8 Jan

So, today was the first day of shooting (written yesterday, but wasn’t able to post due to lack of internet)! 😀 We started with an outside scene at a little CD and record store not far from the Team Center where we’ve been staying, and… it was pretty cold.  We unloaded the van as quickly as possible, dumping all the equipment on the side of the road, as other cars and bikes crept past, right next to our piles of equipment. The cold ate the batteries for my Roland field recorder faster than our crew at dinner, but we got the shots we needed, packed up out equipment fast as we could, rushed to the train station, Steven Lee leading the way (he’s awesome!), eating our snack on the way, and started our long trek (or train ride, actually) to our next location. On the long train ride, when we were finally able to sit down, we found that the seats had seat warmers, which was super cool, but made us all dread the cold that we would have to return to once we stepped out of the train. When we did, we saw a flock of school children getting on. Dozens of little boys and girls in their uniforms, boarding the train. Nick, Zak, and Ellie instantly fell in love with the children’s little backpacks and uniforms. A few posed for picture from the funny,crazy white people, then Yu met us outside and we moved on to the next location. To get to the apartment, we climbed a hill, and, at the top of the hill,, with a great view, was that apartment, a tiny place that we managed to cram dolly, track, lights, and the rest of our equipment and crew into. We got in, got setup, took a lunch break, during which Trevor gave out quote of the day (“I haven’t even taken a shower. Why would I wash my garbage?”) Then back to the tiniest, fullest apartment I’ve ever been in, to shoot all the scenes in Tomatsu’s kitchen!

After our first, long day of shooting , our first time really working on set together as a crew, we learned some valuable lesson, as well as getting some pretty amazing shots (just looked over dailies)!  We made some mistakes, but learned from them, and applied our new knowledge to better our film.

Now, after two very long, but successful days of shooting, it’s late, and we have another early call time ahead of us, so… good night world!

Brian Ulrich

Production Sound



2 Responses to “Day 1, Recap”

  1. Donna Ulrich January 8, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    What an exciting adventure! Praying that you will recognize His hand working little miracles on your behalf around every corner!

    Donna Ulrich

  2. Chuck Crabtree January 9, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    Love the updates. Thanks.

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