Oishii, desu ne?

10 Jan

As the First AD my primary concerns on set are the two “S’s” – safety and schedule. Thus far on this crazy Japan Film adventure we’ve had two crew members out sick and we’ve wrapped late pretty much every day. That being said, I’m having an absolutely amazing time and we’re getting some of the most beautiful footage I’ve ever seen.

While the days have been long (and for the most part really, really cold – I didn’t think I’d be missing the So Cal sun so soon), I couldn’t be more proud of the crew and how hard they’ve been working. Everyone has been in good spirits, even after three hours of sleep.

I’ve found myself surprised at how much I enjoy getting to know the city of Tokyo. The train rides to and from location have been an interesting window into the population, albeit sometimes much more tightly packed than I would like 🙂 Meals have also been a fun experience. During lunch you can pretty much plan on hearing “What is this?” “I don’t know, just put it in your mouth.” Snack times at the Family Mart or Lawsons have been a veritable cornucopia of the most exciting cuisine Japan has to offer. From the magical melon bread to the best mochi on this earth, it can al be found at these convenience stores.

Well, that 6:00 call time is just around the corner so I’m off to bed. Oyasumi nasai!

Alicia Gaynor

1st AD


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