We’re making a movie in Tokyo, Japan…no sweat.

11 Jan

A few days ago, we filmed our lead actor as he trudged up a quaint street on a hill bathed in the rosy hues of a Tokyo sunset. Behind him, Mt Fuji stood defiantly along the skyline, despite the city buildings slowly attempting to dominate its horizon.

The following day, our crew spent the day balancing precariously on the roof of an abandoned clinic, in order to capture the conversation of our lead actor and actress on neighboring verandas.

Yesterday, we set up camp in Eda Memorial Hospital and filmed our hospital and clinic scenes. We had almost free reign over the main floor, due to a Japanese public holiday.

Today, we find ourselves in a charming Japanese home, shuffling from room to room in our socks while our shoes line up patiently outside. Delicately decorated paper stretches across wooden lattice frames, forming shoji screen doors that divide the house into neat geometric shapes. The entire house is filled with strong lines boldly breaking every surface into squares and rectangles, right down to the floors which are hidden beneath carefully placed tatami mats. Yes, carefully placed – apparently if tatami mats are not intentionally placed, they can bring bad fortune to a household.

Welcome to life on a film set in Japan.

I’ve had many crazy experiences on film sets in the past, but the past week just earned itself a position at the top of my list. Every day, each crew member has had to face numerous challenges of unusual nature – many requiring considerable physical exertion. Bear in mind, our days have ended late and begun early-around 5:30am- and the temperature outside is frigid. Occasionally our locations are inside and heated, but this has not been a constant guarantee. Yet, everyone has diligently pushed through each day and I’m immensely proud of them.

We have one more day to go and the craziness continues. Pray for our camera team as we attempt to capture some shots at the train station and on the train tomorrow morning. They’re fairly simple shots, but we’ll have to film guerrilla style.

Thanks for reading and jaa mata!
Rachel van der Merwe
One of the producers.

The verandas. Photo taken from the roof of the abandoned clinic.

Today's location


2 Responses to “We’re making a movie in Tokyo, Japan…no sweat.”

  1. J.Shea January 11, 2011 at 7:20 am #

    You guys rock! I’m so excited to hear more about your amazing experiences when you get home! Love you all, J.Shea

  2. Sandi Nicolaides January 11, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

    I am praying for the crew and I hope you all have a little time to do some sight seeing although it sounds like you have done a bit of that already 🙂

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