17 Jan

It’s official. We’ve been to Japan and back, wrapped on the filming of “Persimmon” and are now entering into the post-production process. It has been an amazing journey and one of the best experiences I’ve had in film school thus far.

It was amazing to see the crew come together as a cohesive whole. Over the course of many long days of shooting and what seems like a thousand train stations, every person on this crew gave their all to “Persimmon.” It was especially cool to see the way that the Biola crew and the Japan-side crew collaborated despite our differences for the good of the project. We truly could not have made this film work without assistance from Yu, Takaki, John, Steven, Izumi, Maki, Kevin, Julie, Eric and all the others. As we worked together, ate together, traveled, laughed and even sang together, I was able to experience a unique kinship between crew members that I don’t think I will ever forget. I love the fact that Osusowake (sharing) became far more than just a theme of the short film we were making: We truly put it into action together every day. I can only hope that I will take what I learned and allow it to change the way I work and interact with others in the future.

After Japan, there are countless memories…far too many to be expressed here. We shared experiences, travels, inside jokes, new and exciting foods, and the excitement of convenience stores and vending machines together. We exercised creativity, creating beautiful images with the RED and probably thousands others with our brigade of SLRs. We froze on a metal roof for a night, we experienced Japanese karaoke to the fullest, we ate food from a street fair and drank pancakes out of a can. These are a few of countless memories I will never forget, and I am so grateful for the people I got to share them with.


– Joey Kennedy

Camera Operator


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