Recovery and Discovery

19 Jan

Filmmaking is often less about creating than it is discovering. You write a script, but that is all it is: a script for what you think is going to be in the film. Of course, the problem is that during shooting, you come up across roadblocks that you never expected, and have to work your way around them.

For this reason, a huge part of filmmaking is not just discovery, but recovery. You come across a problem, and depending on the magnitude, the fate of the entire film may depend on how well you deal with it. Many a good script has been killed during production with problems the filmmakers couldn’t overcome.

Reflecting back on the production of Persimmon, I see something different then the usual recovery patten. Instead of being on set trying to save the film, I watched as the director helped the actors pulled out nuances of the script I had not seen before, the production designer found things on set that became a perfect part of the color palette, and a location found the day of shooting became one of our favorite locations.

By the grace of God, aided by the dedication of the crew both Biolan and Japanese, this film grew in the making. And as someone who has seen every bit of the footage in detail, I am more confident in our footage than I have ever been in a film. I look forward to sitting in a darkened theatre, waiting for our beautiful persimmon to grace the screen… not to mention Yugo Saso.

Andrea Cottrell


One Response to “Recovery and Discovery”

  1. J.Shea January 20, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    Lovely, my dear, lovely. And so true – seeing how God pulls the details of a film together is my favorite part of what we do 🙂

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