A Sentimental post of Staggering Genius

31 Jan

I hate to be overly sentimental or cliche, but God was moving among us on that trip. I know you’ve heard that before, and the fact that it is a cliche thing to say may detract some sincerity from it. I could tell you all day about how life-changing this trip was, etc. etc., and the fact is that it is completely true. This is what happens when a film is centered around God rather than the film itself.

Two weeks ago I re-planted my feet on American soil (pavement), and it wasn’t the best feeling I’ve ever had. America is a lovely place, don’t get me wrong, but when I compare it to the Braveheart battle that is Shibuya crossing, or the wild fashion and attitude of Harijuku, or the sardine-packed trains, America seems boring, monotonous, and mundane. However, God exists in both Tokyo and America (He’s not boring or mundane), and since I’ve been back He has continued to sustain and fuel me.

Tokyo was awesome, but so was the way we made this film. I like to think that filmmaking should be more about the process than the product. This may or may not be true, but it makes sense to have an incredible time making the film, so that if the film sucks then at least it was worth the time. I keep trying to understand why everyone was so on-board and excited to make this film. I don’t have the answer to that mystery, but I have hunches. Maybe it was our love for this particular story, althoug I’m sure we all like the story to varying degrees. Maybe it was the fact that everyone on the crew loves making films and loves the people we went with, and most time that’s enough to be passionate about.  Speaking for myself, I was excited because Dean, Ellie, Rachel, and Zack, our leaders, were excited. That kind of passion rubbed off on me. It’s the kind of passion that gets under your skin and motivates you to do your best work.



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