New Lens

31 Jan

Life after Japan has been nothing but different. I could recount story after story about how my eyes were opened to a new world, and how God provided what I needed, and how we bonded as crew members and friends. But there is no way this blog post could encompass all of the amazing things that happened on this adventure. Instead I will sum up what I learned and how it changed the lens in which I see the world today.

The biggest nugget of truth that was revealed to me during my time surrounding Japan, is the power of prayer. Prayers that I prayed 17 years ago were answered. Prayers we prayed during pre-production were listened to and changed the course of the film. Prayers prayed on set and in the moment, were put into action immediately. Friends were formed, people were healed, lost people were found, a film was made.

The other beautiful thing I experienced was the theme of our trip: Osusowake. Osusowake means sharing in Japanese and I could never be more happy to have that word printed on an article of clothing. We shared everything. We shared this amazing experience. We shared all of our food. We shared ideas. We shared love. There was nothing about this adventure that was self seeking or arrogant. That is the way it should always be. I hope to continue that perspective on life and share it with those around me.

I went to Japan to make a movie. I came back with so much more.

-Zachary Gladwin

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