Because I Love You

2 Feb

School has officially started again, but it feels like I’m going back to pretend life. After working on Persimmon, going to classes and eating at the cafe just feel weird. I keep waiting for Ellie to give me my yen for lunch. I keep asking people for kohi o kudasai and they just stare at me blankly. What’s wrong with this part of the world? Why doesn’t anyone wear anything from UNIQLO?

The point I’m trying to make is that going to Japan changed everything (not to sound melodramatic). I will always miss the people I was able to work with (will I ever get to attend the wedding of Yu and Ai?). I will always miss the surprising beauty and diversity of Tokyo. Even though I still get to see them, I’ll miss working with the best Biola crew ever assembled. Oh, and most of all I’ll miss that time that En Yama sang All Star at the karaoke place from Lost in Translation.

En Yama: The All Star


That’s a wrap!

Alicia Gaynor – 1st AD

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