Entering Post

2 Feb

As we enter the post-production phase for Persimmon, reflection upon the last few months is definitely appropriate. Back in September, when the Biola crew met together for the first time, all of our preparation and planning was hypothetical. We planned and planned down to the detail, as much as we could, but knew in the end we would have to be flexible when we arrived in Tokyo. Being prepared for the unexpected is hard! But with the Lord’s help, we managed to pull things off.

I cannot say enough how proud I am of our crew. We shot for six days straight, putting in roughly 15-17 hour days. We figured out the metro; we mastered turning a mini van into a grip truck; we took off our shoes every time we entered a house; we survived freezing cold conditions; we survived extremely small conditions; and of course we branched out in our food choices J

Now that we are back in LA, the post-production process will begin; where we take all of our hard work and fun experiences, and shape them into a finished product. I cannot wait for everyone else to be able to see all of our hard work. I am so excited about the footage; it looks in credible. I believe the film will be very successful, not only in festivals, but also in spreading truth and wisdom to those that see it.

The Lord has taken us this far in the making of Persimmon, and I cannot wait to see what happens in these next months.

Stay tuned!


Ellie Pappuleas

(one of the producers)

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