Rebuilding and Reinventing a Creation

21 Feb

Over the course of pre-production and shooting this film, I have seen what filmmaking can be.  I was surrounded for 5 months by a crew that nurtured creativity, loved and feared God above all else, and made it the easiest thing to become like family with one another.  I cannot praise these friends enough.

And now that my role in the film has come to an end, the experience of making Persimmon has prompted me to take a break from filmmaking for the next half year.

I racked my brain over this, and I can’t compare this God-centered approach to Persimmon with any other filmmaking experience I have had in my entire career as a film student here at Biola.  Prayer made this film, and I saw God working and moving every step of the way.  Where there was strife and conflict, Jesus’ nurturing and healing hands were there.  Where there was anxiety, prayer and the Holy Spirit’s unifying peace were there.  In being a part of this tangibly divine production, the shortcomings and misconceptions in my own views of God and film have come to the surface with more poignance and conviction than ever before.  It’s prompted to work in turning film from an idol into a blessing, tool, and gift that God has given me.  I’m taking time off to reinvent filmmaking in light of Jesus Christ and to place God in his rightful place as Creator above the creation of the creation.  Through the making of Persimmon, God has shaken me.  He has shaken me to my core.  And now begins His work in rebuilding me for the better.  I love this film’s cast, I love the crew, and I love God’s mysterious way in which He has brought me to my knees.

I wish the best to Persimmon in post-production and pray that God gives His children the heart and stamina to bring to fruition the great work that has been started here.  Thank you everyone for the experience that was and is Persimmon.  It has truly been something life-changing for me.

God bless,


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