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Thoughts from the 1st Assistant Camera

29 Dec

If you would have constructed a time machine and gone back to the year 2000 and found me in junior high and asked: Do you think you will be making a movie in Japan in college? First of all I would have to steal your time machine and then I would have said “No”. (present self) I would never had thought I would be doing this with such awesome people telling an amazing story!

The camera team and I have been hard at work figuring out how we are going to pack over 60 pounds of camera equipment into the TSA approved luggage sizes and follow their very strict rules on carrying batteries on the plane (apparently they explode… sometimes)

We are shooting on the Red One Camera (Red’s Website) which has been used on films like District 9, The Lovely Bones, and most recently The Social Network.

My job as the 1st AC involves putting all the pieces of the camera together so it works properly. Also switching lenses and filters according to what the DP wants. But the most important job is to make sure the image is in focus so it doesn’t look like this

I got a great new tool for christmas that I can’t wait to use on set. I recorded a little video showing it off

I can keep things in focus, because the lens has feet marks for different distances, if our lead actor (Yugo Saso) is standing 5 feet away from the camera then I can check that and change the focus to 5 feet on the lens! and like magic he’s in focus.

Our planes leaves in only 6 days! I can’t wait to get off the plane in Tokyo and see what adventure awaits us

-Trevor Smith